Sabeel 2010 Narrative Report

we are glad to present you with our 2010 Narrative Report. I would like to refer to a few highlights. Last February, our third national clergy conference was held in Jericho. Over fifty bishops and clergy from the various church denominations attended in a wonderful expression of ecumenism. On the second day of the conference, approximately forty Muslim clerics, including the Grand Mufti, joined us for the full day. This amazing experience opened the way for a number of Christian-Muslim workshops that followed during the year.

Another exciting conference took place toward the end of the summer. The 3rd national women’s conference was organized in Bethlehem with excellent women speakers from both the West Bank and Galilee.

Although we count our blessings when we think of these local conferences, workshops, ecumenical services and a variety of other activities, 2010 was a difficult year financially for Sabeel. While we carried on our ministries in the community here and abroad, trusting in the Lord to provide, we are still short of the necessary amount to cover all expenses.

On behalf of the Sabeel board and staff, I would like to express my thanks to all our friends and partners who have been faithful in their support of the ministry of Sabeel. In spite of the general global financial situation, we appreciate your continued stand with us as we work for justice, interfaith relations, and the building of the Christian community on strong ecumenical ground… Read More